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About Me

I’m Patrick Hurley and I’m asking you to support me to be the first Labour MP for Southport. For many years, I’ve been a Labour activist, a Local Authority councillor in the North West, and heavily involved in the social enterprise and charity sectors across the region. 

Growing up in Prescot and St Helens in the 1980s, I saw first-hand the impact the Conservative government had on my generation. Millions unemployed, multiple recessions, hospitals and schools underfunded. In my own family, too, the impact was profound. The education and employment opportunities that others had access to were withheld because of where we lived and the income of our parents.

It was only once Labour formed a government in the 1990s that families like mine started to be provided with a platform on which we could stand. I’ve seen the power that Labour governments can wield, and the improvements they can make to people’s lives. And I’ve seen how the Conservatives routinely stand in our way.

We hear there’s a “cost-of-living crisis”, but for our most vulnerable people, there’s been a cost-of-living crisis for over a decade. Families are starving, nurses are using foodbanks, and parents are choosing between heating and eating. Our nation’s safety net is no longer catching the people it should. It’s time for real, tangible, radical change.

If given the honour of representing Southport in Parliament, I’ll work tirelessly to help this community. I’ll work not just in Parliament, but also in the constituency, to bring the most effective innovations from across the country to the town. I’ll bang the drum loudly for much-needed transport links, the necessary investment in our economic offer, and the skills training we need to ensure that the next generation stays local and contributes to the town’s future.

The priorities and the economic interests of the people of the constituency must be given a platform nationally.

I want to make sure that Southport doesn't just get the benefit of a Labour government, but also gets the benefit of a Labour MP.

By working together, we can take the fight to the Tories and the Lib Dems, and win. I would love your support to be part of that fight.

Record of Success


I’ve provided support to Social Enterprises over many years

Over the past decade, I’ve helped dozens of new community groups and social enterprises get started and become sustainable across the North West.

I set up the Liverpool SOUP fundraising scheme

In 2015, I set up Liverpool SOUP, a regular evening fundraising event, aimed at bringing new innovations and grassroots-led growth to the city region.


I helped to run a homelessness charity

Back in 2019, I helped to turn an unstructured and unfunded group of homelessness activists running outreach services into a constituted charity, and for four years, I chaired their board of trustees.

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